Saturday, 1 August 2015

SI Units and Index Notation / Using Decimals - Measurement

Index Notation
This comes up in all the courses so if you are not sure about why 0.1 is written as 1 x 10-1 then click here

SI Units
You should know about the SI units of measurement and mass - here is an explanation :
The Système International d'Unités (SI), is the list of units which measurements are based on in the metric system and which are used by scientists to have a standard when carrying out experiments.

For example the basic unit of length that is used is metres (m), time is measured in seconds (s), mass has a base unit of kilograms (kg), thermodynamic temperature is measured in kelvins (K),  amount of substance is taken as the mole (mol).

This video may help you to change units :

Here is another useful resource - "How to use your Casio Scientific Calculator" - useful if you haven't been shown at school - also make sure you know what the dot means eg if you divide 1 by 3 the answer should be 1.333333 ... etc recurring - but you will see this on your screen as 1.3 with a dot above the 3 ... it means it recurs or repeats ...
Here is the course - I hope its still available