Advanced Higher Chemistry Unit 4

Unit 4 - Researching Chemistry & Investigation Ideas

Experimental Techniques

This is very good for the details of how to do the various techniques:
Chemistry: A Practical Guide

Very good website from Royal Society of Chemistry:
Interactive Lab primer - links to lots of techniques

Apparatus -

Aspirin Experiments
A lot about preparation of aspirin, use of re-crystallisation, melting point, and thin layer chromatography
Synthesis of Aspirin :
Synthesis of Aspirin - very good video - shows crystallisation and vacuum filtration and explanations along the way from the teacher -

Recrystallisation and Vacuum Filtration to purify a compound - from Thinkwell videos with Professor Yee - very good explanation
and more about recrystallisation - ignore the actual experiment here but there is some nice info and  a nice diagram :

Separating Funnel
a lovely 1min 30 sec video to show this 

This video might confuse you as it has cases where the water layer sits on top of the organic layers .. so that can happen too ...however, there are a few interesting snippets in this video - At 6 minutes it shows the drying of the remaining water out of the separated organic layer - this is what is described in our last paragraph of my page93 (separating funnels info)At at 8mins 28 seconds interesting bit regarding things dissolving in water vs organic solvents that is also relevant to the thin layer chromatography TLC.

Weighing by Difference:
Analytical Balance
from Thinkwell - v good videos

Worth watching to get finer points of doing these at Adv Higher Level
Colorimetry - using a smart meter on your mobile phone


The Advanced Higher Chemistry Investigation

Some resources :

Detailed Marking Instructions for the Project:

Some experiment ideas:
If you are in a remote school could possibly loan equipment from here:

Here are some ideas if you are searching for a project: