Maths for Science


Volumes can puzzle people. The best solution is to get out and actually measure some volumes using the litre jug in your house. Make a cake or some recipe that involves measuring out the correct volumes. Pancakes need a certain volume of milk in them. Sauce mixes from packets usually need you to add some water. Anyway have a look at these worksheets I made up for somebody who didn't like working with volumes ! They might help you to understand more about how litres and cm3 relate to each other.

Now try these two :

Cross Multiplying

This is really useful in Biology and Chemistry or indeed anywhere !
Reading from Graphs
Still to do - but something a lot of people seem to struggle with.

Percentage Increase and Decrease

To work out the value for a percentage increase or decrease, you need the starting value and the end value. Then use this formula. It works for a percentage increase or decrease !

Symmetry is very important in Biology
Here are some examples - see what ones you can spot
and they also mention here a Fibonacci sequence - quite complex maths which explains some quite complex patterns spotted in Biology