University & College entry - Science, Engineering, Animal Conservation, Medicine, Dentistry, Horticulture, Agriculture etc

There are literally too many courses to mention that science subjects can lead you into. You may not even have heard of some of these ! I tend to have listed ones that people I have tutored have applied to, but if you know of any others please let me know and I'll list them. Many courses are available via College, Apprenticeships and University.

I have listed firstly here some more general links then further down the page I have more specific links to some interesting courses.

Some more general useful links for further information about getting into courses in medicine, science, engineering etc :

Here is an interesting search tool from UCAS where you can search for the type of course you want to apply for and find out more about the likely entry requirements

Some advice for parents or for pupils themselves with some tips about what to do once you have your results - and its best to plan in advance so you are ready:

Another interesting article from Which about entry requirements:

Course and University comparison websites (although remember these may only give you a flavour of a course and the results may depend on who was surveyed etc and what questions were asked so don't believe everything). If you have further questions about a course, ask the University either via telephone or at an Open Day :
and University League tables for Scotland and elsewhere :

National Careers Service :

Scotland's Colleges :

Scotland's Rural College:


Life Sciences
Remember there are a huge variety of science degrees in areas you might not even have heard of ! For example the following degrees are all involved in hospital medicine or research : microbiology, pharmacology, pharmacy, virology, anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, immunology, haematology, occupational therapy, psychology, biochemistry, radiography (x-rays etc.), physics and medical physics (radiotherapy, scanning etc), nuclear medicine, epidemiology etc. all very much can lead to you working in a hospital environment or a medical research environment and are worth thinking about.

Natural Sciences
Materials Sciences, Chemistry, geology, environmental science, marine science, astronomy etc.

Sport Science


Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical engineering, electronic engineering etc
Find out more about some of the different brances of engineerings :

read about different engineering careers here on Education Scotland website:

BMA (British Medical Association) information -
and this too from the BMA - How to become a Doctor



Horticulture / Forestry / Agriculture etc

If you fancy an outdoor life then there are numerous careers in this area - some can be accessed via some excellent apprenticeships eg with the botanic gardens or can be accessed via college and university courses.  - Inverness College (Univ of Highlands and Islands) has an excellent forestry section

Scotland's Rural College - many campuses - many courses - agriculture /farming/countryside management etc -

Working with Animals / Veterinary

Animal and Conservation Biology - at Napier

Life Science courses at Napier, including Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nursing and Animal Care courses and lots of others at Scotland's Rural College SRUC - various campuses -

A variety of information from University of Edinburgh careers service, including graduate entry to Veterinary Medicine


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