Become a Citizen Scientist !

If you just can't wait to be a scientist then there are a few projects you can join in now, and make a useful contribution to the science. It's a case of "the more the merrier", they need your help to find some answers.

There are already over a million volunteers who have joined in with the various Zooniverse projects, which include astronomy projects, climate and weather projects as well as historical archaeology and history projects such as analysing soldier's WW1 diaries and uncovering information from Ancient Greece ! So something for everyone to do and everyone's help is needed -

One of these was a project from the University of Dundee that is now finished but it was to find some DNA sequences to try to find a cure or find out more about cancer.
But the great thing that encouraged participation on this one was that it was built into a game available as an App - "Genes in Space"
So you can get zapping and do some good at the same time!
Find out more here:

Track snail patterns and evolution with Evolution Megalab :

Here are some other ideas :