Interesting Science Links

Interesting Links for those Studying Biology or Chemistry in Scotland or elsewhere :

Edinburgh Zoo
including various courses, animal handling experiences, educational visits, summer school possibilities for older pupils and also Advanced Higher project possibilities !

The Soil Association

The Royal Horticultural Society

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

Glasgow Science Centre

Royal Society of Chemistry

Glasgow Science Festival
Usually around June

Edinburgh International Science Festival
Usually in April

Open Farm Sunday (usually in June)

Dundee Science Centre
Including the famous science Sunday where you can meet scientists who are working in different areas of research eg health, space etc and you will always see something interesting.

Discover Point, Dundee - visit Captain Scott's research ship

Satrosphere, Aberdeen
Scotland's oldest science centre - opened 1988

The Natural History Museum, London

National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh
Has galleries on Science and Technology and the Natural World
Visit Dolly the Sheep (now preserved for us to see) and a working steam engine and lots more

Sea Life Centres in the UK

Taste for Science
A project to bring a science laboratory to schools in Uganda, to help the students actually experience science - we are very lucky in this country to have our own science laboratories. Find out more here :

Science on the Streets - Glasgow

Rinderpest - a Disease eradicated:

World Organisation for Animal Health
Interesting info re diseases and viruses etc

Virus Images

Taxonomy of Viruses

Chester Zoo