How to Revise - How to Learn - Exam Help !

Some people find it easy to revise, while others find it a struggle and need to find out what revision method suits them best.
If you are a visual learner, you might find it useful to create what's called a "Mind Map".   To make them good revision tools, the more ridiculous or colourful your illustrationsthe easier it can be to remember what you are trying to revise. Or you may prefer to use words on your mind map. Whatever way you use them, even just the process of creating the map can sometimes help you to structure the information from a section. And it does force you to think about what you are doing !
The way your brain works is that it is much easier to learn things which you think are relevant. So, if you are really enthusiastic about your biology or chemistry then you might not have a problem, but if you struggle a bit,  then how on earth to increase the relevance for you. Again Mind Maps can help as it helps you link similar information together. And watching videos / reading some of the links on our website will help you to see why the Biology and Chemistry content is relevant in so many areas such as medicinehorticulturefarming, and new materials etc. Anything which increases the relevance for you, so that the brain will then then know where to store the information to link it to other similar information.  The brain is a massive filing system - just like a library with all its books stored in the relevant section. 
Other useful revision methods include making a set of flashcards/flipnotes from your course notes, with a Question on one side and the Answer on the other. Then test yourself later or ask someone else to test you. Or try this with a group of friends. Again, you can illustrate the words with colourful pens and pictures etc - this can help you revise.  
Online flashcards - you can make your own set of online flashcards using tools / Apps like Quizlet or Brainscape etc - create your own cards and test yourself - there are free versions or you can pay a membership to get full use of these tools. I have also created a few sets of cards eg for Higher Biology and I've put links on the website here - but its better still to create your own.
Try and make up sayings to help you remember things - for example "OIL RIG" is used in Chemistry to remember Oxidation and Reduction, or AT Glasgow Central in Biology to remember that A goes with T and G goes with C in DNA.
Trying Past Paper questions can also be useful once you have done a bit of revision. We have links to some that are available online, on our relevant pages.
Avoid just reading and reading and falling asleep as you are revising ! Keep your brain active and find your best method of learning. And Good Luck ! are some warnings - and maybe a warning that its a good idea to get all your documents filed. Keep organised - and dont overload your brain. Take time to study. And make space to study.