Terms & Conditions

My Terms and Conditions

In order to run my tutoring business I have to point out to you these simple rules !

1  Cancellations. 
If you miss or cancel a session you must pay for it. I can accept cancellations if you can give me 48 hours notice as this allows me to slot other people into cancelled slots. But I also ask you to use at least 90% of your organised slot's allocated times. It is possible to make arrangements for tutoring every second week but once organised, slots must be used.

2   Arrive on Time but not ahead of Time !
Please don't arrive early for tutoring - I may well be tutoring someone else - I tend to leave a 5 minute gap between tutoring sessions to avoid any overlap problems. I also tutor very often via Skype so you may not have realised I am tutoring someone.

3   Pick up on Time
Equally, please don't arrive late to pick up your child. I don't have a handy waiting room I am afraid and I would not send a child out onto a cold dark street in the middle of winter when they don't know where their parents are ! But if they are having to stand in my hallway it is awkward for everyone and disruptive of my next tutoring session. (I know its obvious but people still do this !!)